LoRa Shield Dual Band (433MHz, 868MHz)

Innoesys LoRa Shield is an Arduino shield for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) designed for long range communications with low bitrate. *** Long range: greater than 15 km *** Applications: Internet of Things Sensor networks Agriculture applications Industrial automation Smart city Smart meters Home automation Manufacturer: Innoesys (www.innoesys.com) Distributor: www.devobox.com   Overview IES-LoRa-ARD is an Arduino shield Read more about LoRa Shield Dual Band (433MHz, 868MHz)[…]

4 DAC Shield for Arduino

DEVO-4DAC+ is an Arduino shield based on MCP4728 12-bit, quad channel DAC from Microchip and provides four analogue buffered or un-buffered outputs. Features Microchip MCP4728 12-bit Quad channel DAC 4 analogue buffered or un-buffered outputs Voltage gain using potentiometer Jumper Configurable Voltage amplifier with external power source up to 26V Manufacturer: Innoesys (www.innoesys.com) Distributor: www.devobox.com

USB to Serial Breakout+ CP2102

   Innoesys USB to Serial Breakout+ CP2102 A very useful for prototyping/debugging USB-to-UART breakout+. The package includes the pin header and the jumpers as in producto photo. (Colors may be different) Silicon labs USB 2.0 full-speed LEDs for the UART Very useful in prototyping systems A third power-indicator LED Jumper Configurable Double row pins Datasheet: DEVO-2102_v1 Read more about USB to Serial Breakout+ CP2102[…]

SOIC8 Breakout Board

    Innoesys SOIC8 Breakout Board Pinout for standard SOIC 8 SMD Parts. Compatible with breadboards. Features Manufacturer: Innoesys (www.innoesys.com) Solid Construction Plated Through Holes Easy to solder Dimensions: 18mm x 11mm x 1.6m Distributor: www.devobox.com